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The Roosevelt Gambit

320 pages
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Reviews of The Roosevelt GAMBIT

Reviewed by Jackson B. Stone, JD
Author of WIP: “History, as a Business

At its core, this book is about a vey special family in the new state of New Mexico in 1916; and about an extraordinary friendship between a man who became a Federal Judge and a Chiricahua Apache Sub-Chief named Two Chickens.

The book contains a story of the first love of a beautiful young woman and the forever love of another more mature young woman; and a story of honor, sacrifice and incredible bravery in the face of overwhelming odds.

This family’s story starts with the events of the Civil War in New Mexico and with the next generation involved in the participation of New Mexicans in the Spanish American War – a war in which New Mexicans constituted the largest segment of the now famous Rough Riders.

This family’s relatively peaceful and idyllic existence in 1916 was dashed by events of the seemingly far away war to end all wars – the First World War.

The Roosevelt Gambit is set amidst the backdrop of the titanic clashes of the super powers of the day in the First World War. The ‘War to End all Wars’ had placed the United States in the most favorable economic circumstances it had experienced, in its’ entire history. And the United States, Germany and Great Britain had enormous investments in Mexican businesses, agriculture and resources – particularly oil and copper.

The Germans were spending millions in the United States, working to keep it out of the war in Europe. The British were spending millions trying to convince the United States to join them in the war effort; and at the same time, doing everything possible to defuse the United States and Mexican border confrontations. And there had been many of those.

First the Germans put a German Count on the ground in southern New Mexico to try and instigate a war between the Unites States and Mexico. And this man was aided and abetted by Americans in the pay of large United States industrialists, who had interests similar to the Germans. The British responded in kind by sending in their men, with Zionist Jews, to try and forestall any American attack on Mexico. From there, the action centers on New Mexico, as we meet the primary characters who have been affected by these global events.

The book ends at the Gila Cliff Dwellings with the Germans and the American Industrialists financing an attempt to assassinate former President Teddy Roosevelt.

Some pretty clear evidence exists that there was indeed, a Jewish Conspiracy in the First World War.

Please, before you go ballistic and bombard the author with hate mail, take a moment. The Conspiracy was a British and Zionist Jewish Conspiracy, or more aptly described -- collusion. And it wasn’t a bad thing it was about winning the First World War and the dream of Zionism in creating a homeland for the Jews in Palestine. Thus it was a conspiracy with goals that we can all pretty much get behind.

The author sets forth the facts and circumstances that led the Jewish Zionists to collaborate with the British – all the reader has to do is connect the dots. And this reviewer has no intention of prematurely interfering with each individual’s discovery of this aspect of the book.

In defense of the author, the book takes the position of an observer, without editorial comments. And further, it is clear from the tone of the book that the author has written the book favoring the role of Zionism in history.

The characters are strong and real. The book is well written and meticulously researched - although the author does play with the reader a bit here and there. The author’s legal training presents itself in the construction of the book. He provides the facts of the Columbus Raid in the first chapter and then a presentation of the involved parties and their motivations.

After this foundation then and only then, does the plot take wings; and does it ever.

The cast of characters are driven by events and circumstances, which produce some of the very best and also most descriptively realistic action sequences this reviewer has read. The action is always the logical and the only alternative in relation to what the characters are trying to accomplish or experience in the wonderful flow of the novel.

It is an interesting, entertaining and informative ride; and features the absolutely most vicious ‘bad man’ one can possibly imagine!

The novel exhibits all of the frailties of the human condition and reflects the struggle that we all experience in our lives – and they are on display for all to read and enjoy in this novel, set in the time frame when the last great days of what remained of the Old West clashed with the Modern West of automobiles and telephones.

Recommendation: Sit down, secure your favorite beverage – and enjoy the book!